Reaching out...

Lecture on disorder in Physics and Cosmology
Presented at Witte de With center for contemporary Art, Sep 7 2017, Rotterdam.

The art (and metalogic) of discovery in Physics
Presented at the LIFT 16 Conference, Feb 11 2016, Geneva.

Public lecture on Cosmology
Presented at CERN's globe of science and innovation, July 4 2013 as part of Collide@CERN's artist induction.

Mathematics and the Physical Universe
Talk given to year 12 students, King George V secondary school, Hong Kong, 28/05/14.

Introduction to Cosmology
Version of a talk given to high school students visiting CERN;
From: Jordan, Kazakhstan and Ukraine 02/08/14, Israel 27/08/14, 21/10/14, 25/02/15, Cayman Islands 31/07/15.  

Why "black holes ain't so black"
Answer to audience member, San Francisco Exploratorium, Mar 3 2014.